Unable to view course of anking step deck

I am unable to access the free course for the overhaul deck for step 1/2. I understand that you need a different login to access the course but i am unable to make a login. Ive tried for a few hours and i cant find anything. Everytime i click on the course i get this:


Have you tried clicking forget password? It should ask you to input the email you signed up with

yeah i tried that. the issue is that the login is different from the ankihub login (according to forums on here). I cant find where to get new login info for this site. So, i cant use forgot password because I dont have an account/ havent signed up yet.

Try inputting the email you used to sign up for AnkiHub in the forget password section. See if that could potentially work.

Also, you clicked on the courses button on the AnKing Overhaul tile in AnkiHub correct?

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I have the same problem

The login for the courses is separate, it is not the same as the ankihub login

yeah i know. i never set up the actual login. I cant find out where to start. when i select β€œdecl course” it gives me a login page that i cant access. I see no create account only β€œforgot password” and it does not recognize my email.

when i use forgot password it recognizes my email and when i change it, it does this


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