Updating v11 to v12


I just updated from v11 to v12 following the instruction (👑 Downloading the AnKing Step Deck), and found that there are ~1500 cards under the Note Type “AnKingOverhaul.”
It seems like most are from step 1 !FLAG_THESE_CARDS, but some are not, and are the cards I’ve been reviewing. There’s also a lot of step 2 cards under this note type.
Am I supposed to delete everything under Note Types “AnKingOverhaul” and only keep the ones under Anking/AnkingMed?

Thank you!

Hey there!

We have been merging potential duplicates and trying to make the deck concise. If you are actively doing these cards, I’d recommend you to check if the card has mentioned “this is a duplicate card, unsuspend NID: # to continue reviewing” in the extra field. If so, you can do that card and delete the old one. however if you’re actively doing the card which doesn’t have this note in the extra filed, I’d recommend you to verify the card info yourself and continue reviewing.

Also you can follow through this FAQ

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You can also delete all V11 cards (recommended) by following this FAQ: How do I delete all V11 cards after I have upgraded to V12?

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