[Wiki] EMpower by empower

EM Residency (Beta) deck. Tags structured using Tintinalli’s textbook. about 75% of the textbook has been covered so far and we will continue to add cards as we go. Our hope is to have a comprehensive Residency deck and tags for both the textbook as well as foundations and Rosh Review. Please enjoy and offer any feedback you have.


How do i download the deck?

@mrahman24 Via the ankihub link

@empower Has this deck been fully merged into Rob’s Emergency Medicine deck, or is that still a WIP?

Is there a link to import the media?

Media should be included with deck, but may take a while to sync initially. Are you still missing the media?

Additionally, there are plans underway to merge the EMpower deck into the Rob’s Emergency Medicine deck, which may possibly have changed the EMpower cards (though I don’t think this is the case).