[Wiki] !RevellRadiology by Andy

Updated Jan 23, 2024
:tada: Welcome to the !RevellRadiology Deck Wiki! :tada:

Goal: To create a comprehensive radiology deck, not just for the board exams, but for all stages of learners – from med students to attendings. Tags will be used heavily to organize cards appropriately into stages of learning, and also by resources.

This deck is created using AnkiBrain with heavy edits afterwards.


  • The Core Radiology cards are created using ChatGPT-4.

  • Those cards cost me ~$300 to make. It seems marginally better that ChatGPT-3.5, but since this is our core text, I thought it would be best to use the more sophisticated model. And it is a one-time investment for all of us :slight_smile:

  • All other resources uses ChatGPT-3.5. Cost varies by text length, but much cheaper per card than the Core Radiology cards

*Question/Answer format seems better for retention than purely cloze imo. But some info is probably better to test with cloze. Regardless, AnkiBrain’s cloze outputs don’t work, so we are left with question/answer formats.

  • After the cards are created, they need to be heavily edited. But the information is there.

  • AnkiBrain does not have the capability to incorporate images. Since this is radiology, that’s extremely important.

  • Thus, this deck is here for all of us to edit!

Resources (or planning to incorporate):

  1. Core Radiology 2nd edition

  2. Brant and Helms’ Fundamentals of Diagnostic Radiology 5th edition

  3. Crack the Core 2022 edition

  4. Learning Radiology 4th edition

  5. Fundamentals of Body CT 5th edition

  6. Felson’s Principles of Chest Roentgenology 5th edition

  7. Radiopedia

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