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The C3 Deck: Your Essential Anki Deck for Sub-Internships and Residency Preparation

“The C3 Deck” is a powerful Anki deck designed for M4s aiming to excel in their Sub-Internships and lay a strong foundation for residency. This comprehensive resource leverages the rich content of EM:RAP’s
C3 episodes and other high-yield materials, offering a structured and efficient approach to learning the basics of Emergency Medicine.

How to Properly Use “The C3 Deck” Anki Deck:

Step 1: Install and Open “The C3 Deck” Anki Deck Download and import “The C3 Deck” into your Anki application.

Step 2: Suspend All Cards After importing, open the deck and go to the “Browse” tab within Anki. Select all cards (Ctrl+A or Cmd+A) and right-click to choose “Suspend” from the context menu. This will suspend all cards initially.

Step 3: Watch Corresponding C3 Episodes

C3 Episodes Use EMRAP’s C3 episodes as your primary resource. While watching an episode that correlates with a specific topic in the deck, make a note of the corresponding card(s) in “The C3 Deck.”

Step 4: Unlock Relevant Cards Return to Anki and navigate to the deck’s browser. Use the tags to find and select the cards related to the topic you just watched.

C3. Right-click on the selected cards and choose “Unsuspend” to unlock them.

Step 5: Study and Review Start studying the unlocked cards.

Step 6: Continue with Your Study Plan Repeat steps 3-5 as you progress through your study plan, unlocking cards only for topics you’ve covered in

Step 7: Stay Consistent Consistency is key. Keep watching
C3 episodes, unlocking related cards, and reviewing them regularly.

Achieve Excellence in Your Sub-Internships and Residency Preparation

Transform your study routine with “The C3 Deck” and gain the confidence and knowledge needed to excel in your Sub-Internships and beyond.

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This looks great, thank you for putting it together. I am actually working through C3 right now using an amalgamatio of other decks, so this is excellent.

Also, @ddfleming, you just invited me to be a maintainer on your EMBrace the Boards deck. Would be happy to help out with this one as well.

Not sure if it’s on my end, but I’m noticing some decent (5-10s) lag time when loading the next card after performing a review. Is this happening for anyone else with this deck?