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@bbh001 Could you share the rationales for tags outside of QID 403822?

QID: 403494:

This one is a splitting question, rather than an integration question directly.

QID: 403822.

Question asks to specify the ratio of integrations of multiple protons in a given molecule. Requires the explicit knowledge that integration is a direct function of the number of protons present in order to be able to predict the relative integrations of the protons in the question in order to be able to answer successfully, as well as to avoid nonsensical or inappropriate answer options.

QID 401694:

Question asks to specify the relative size of an integration peak as compared to other protons present in the example molecule; requires the understanding that integration peak size is directly related to proton number in order to eliminate other potential answer options that are less appropriate.

QID 401243:

Given an example molecule (ethyl acetate) the question asks to predict the appropriate position on an example graph. This requires, in part, the understanding that relative proton number will be reflected in relative peak size as integration on the graph. This information is necessary in order to appropriately choose from other competing answer options that may have similar chemical environments but are less numerous and would lead to a different integration value/peak size as a result.

QID 403495:

This one is a chemical shift question, rather than an integration question specifically.

QID 401242:

Question explicitly asks to identify, from given compounds, which molecule would have an integration greater than 1. Requires the explicit knowledge that higher integration values are related to a greater number of protons that share a similar environment, in order to choose the most logical of the given molecules and to eliminate answer options that would make no sense in light of this information/knowledge.

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