[02.27.2024] Other, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 1083152

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@Anking-maintainers sorry for the repeat post lol the previous ones I didn’t format the tag correctly

Don’t love this particular mnemonic - also, isn’t this just a different version of PALM-COEIN?

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Agree with Jacob, personally have been consciously ignoring this mnemonic whenever the card comes up haha

What about “Lots of PAIN” or “Lady PAIN” or “Leaking PAIN” or even “Labial PAIN”
The “N” could be from endometriosis bc it sounds the same as “Ndometriosis”

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I like @jwill’s one’s


PALM COEIN is internationally accepted given by FIGO, would prefer to go with that.

Dupe of nid:1462993212425 and nid:1462993208165

While I agree that the majority are also in the PALM COEIN, I’m not convinced this is a dupe concept. PID isn’t listed in the PALM COEIN (unless you are counting it under the “not otherwise classified”) AMBOSS Specifically separates primary and secondary dysmenorrhea from AUB. They highlight these causes of secondary dysmenorrhea.

AMBOSS states Under AUB “It may or may not be accompanied by dysmenorrhea”

Under the DDX & tx section, multiple times dysmenorrhea and AUB are listed as separate causes of the same thing.

On figo.org their PALM COEIN article doesn’t contain the word dysmenorrhea (not even once)

With that being said I couldn’t find secondary dysmenorrhea discussed anywhere in FA23. when I search “dysmenorrhea” on Uworld (step1) it returns no questions (the only Uworld Q’s tagged on cards mentioning secondary dysmenorrhea are either Step2 or 3) so I can’t really verify anything there :man_shrugging:

So, take that for what it’s worth, but IMO they’re different.


FIGO link


Really appreciate the additional research! Like your alternative options @Jwill


On second thought, PALM COEIN will get too long for a mnemonic, our recently community voting was in favor of mnemonic 1by1s which are less than 8. So can’t do PALM COEIN.

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How about one for palm and one for coien

Already have these two cards, and based on what @Jwill is saying these are not the same concepts anyways.

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:+1: “Lady PAIN”
:-1: “Leaking PAIN”
:clap: “Labial PAIN”
:eyes: “Lots of PAIN”

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I’m not gunna lie. I kinda like “Leaking PAIN” the most because it literally defines dysmenorrhea. “Painful menses” but support any of them to close this one out though.



Agree, okay with any of them as well


@AnKing-Maintainers seems like we’re pretty split here still, It would be nice if we could come to a consensus on this one, and close it out.

See (and vote on post) 4 up:

Changed my vote, 4 for leaking PAIN