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@anking-maintainers never heard of this, always learned it as N-type… anyone have additional insight?

Me neither, type N is probably from sketchy.

Just checked the old sketchy and the new one and neither specify a type just “v-gated Ca2+ channels”

FA23 also doesn’t specify a type just Ca2+ (doesn’t even mention voltage)

UTD also doesn’t mention type (“Binds to alpha-2-delta subunit of voltage-gated calcium channels”)

I haven’t done enough Uworld neuro to check that but I’m starting to really consider if the relevance of the “type” is necessary here.

It would appear that the important part is actually " alpha-2-delta"& “voltage”

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Also here is something: NCBI article " Calcium channels can be further subdivided into ligand gated or voltage gated . Voltage gated calcium channels can be characterized by high voltage (CaV1 L-type and CaV2 N, P/Q, and R-types) or low voltage (T-type)"

A suggestion was recently made bring up that cloze two of nid:1485127537767 was indistinguishable from Ethosuxamide.

{{c2::Gabapentin}} is an anti-epileptic that exerts its effects by blocking voltage-gated {{c1::Ca2+}} channels

Ethosuximide exerts its effects by blocking {{c1::T-type Ca2+::specific}} channels in the {{c2::thalamus}}

I feel like we could fix all these concerns by with the following simple changes

Pregabalin is a gabapentinoid that works by binding the {{c2::α2δ}} subunit of high voltage gated {{c1::calcium}} channels

{{c2::Gabapentin}} is an anti-epileptic that exerts its effects by blocking high voltage-gated {{c1::Ca2+}} channels

is already very specific and clear and I don’t believe requires revision (but a clarifier could be added to the extra that “T-type are low voltage channels”)


On one hand they want us to know that it is the a2d subunit, on the other they won’t tell of which type. Make it make sense.

Context UWorld QID 9765, 18019

@AnKing-Maintainers would everyone be okay with these three changes?

Still not quite sure about this change

I would need to see each of them suggested individually :grimacing:


^ same

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