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straight from UW step 2 QID:21157 “syncope… at rest and without warning symptoms…raises concern for a cardiac etiology, specifically an arrhythmic etiology”. AS and HOCM would be syncope with exertion and often have angina/dyspnea. Arrhythmia is also the answer in QID 3881.

Think the second part is just highlighting that only with focal neuro signs would you think neuro causes of syncope, but neuro causes are quite rare.

I was about to submit a suggestion asking for a major change here
I couldnt find anything in amboss or UW about neurogenic syncope, there is a tag called neurogenic syncope with two cards (this card and a vasovagal syncope which is wrong)

I am suggest keeping the first part about cardic syncope and removing the second part (or replace it with syncope with prodrome and the answer is vasovagal)

I checked the UW step 2 question and it doest say anything about neurogenic syncope

Sudden syncope with prodrome = {{c1::vasovagal}}
Sudden syncope without prodrome = {{c1::cardiac (e.g, arrhthmia)

LV outflow tract obstruction is a cardiac cause that would present with a prodrome (angina and dyspnea), and syncope on exertion. Vasovagal has a prodrome + a trigger (emotional stress, standing)

Would leave the arrhythmia part alone personally, but I think the neurogenic part of this card should be fixed, but not sure how. Neurogenic is vague

I think the arrhythmia part should be enough to answer the UW question, and i dont think there is a question about “neurogenic syncope”