[05.18.2023] Updated content, AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2/AnKingMed, ID 391461

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“Typically” vs. “as low as”… I would go for whatever is more definitive/likely

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This is so confusing that I suspended all the cards and just went with 1500 in my exams. Can’t weigh on this.

This change is correct per AMBOSS and primary articles. I would suggest a couple additional edits:

  1. B-hCG should be a range of 1500 - 2000
  2. Emphasis on the word TYPICALLY
  3. Extra field: Transabdominal US will generally require a higher B-hCG to identify an IUP
  4. Extra field: POCUS can confirm IUP or ectopic pregnancy if visible, but cannot rule either out in early pregnancy
  5. Extra field: Absence of an IUP with elevated B-hCG = pregnancy of unknown location
  6. Extra field: Numerous factors can lead to an IUP with B-hCG >2000 not being identified on US, therefore a B-hCG >3500 in the absence of an IUP on US is considered a more conservative threshold for ruling out a normal IUP.

Per AMBOSS, ectopic pregnancy → diagnostics

This card is also tagged as DELETE(Duplicate) (copy of nid:1547242132167). Think the issue is UW says the discriminatory level is 3500 (QID 19918 step 2), while amboss says it is 1500 - 2000. I’d suggest leaving as is and consider adding note to extra section that UW says discriminatory level is 3500, Amboss says 1500-2000. Discriminatory level is the level at which an intrauterine pregnancy is normally seen on ultrasound. @Ahmed7 @herstein.jacob @Cameron @Sameem


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feel free to make any edits, support

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thanks, think it’s good now

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