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amboss agrees here, FA 2022 doesnt really clarify this at all

one of the main differences abt this medicine vs foscarnet and cidofvir is that the latter bind to DNA polymerase but that the former needs the 1st phosphorylation do be done by the viral kinase

Here’s link to FA image - it only mentions viral kinase (UL-97 is viral kinase)

cant see that image from your link, do not have an account

Do u have the book?
The image is on page 199 of 2022 version

Here’s the image

I think you’re right
DNA polymerase is an answer its just not limited to ganciclovir that’s why I was confused
I think we need to think of it as saying “its” meaning CMV’s DNA polymerase as ganciclovir is a treatment for CMV (and that’s why the other meds with the same mechanism of resistance are not listed)