AK Step1 v11 vs v12 tags

I just upgraded to Ankihub and watched the videos for installing the decks. When I look at the tags, I have both AK_Step1_v11 and AK_Step1_v12 tags. Did I miss something? When I look at cards under the v11 tags, those cards don’t have the v12 tags so I don’t want to just delete the extra tags. Could someone help me understand this?

They can be deleted if you weren’t actively using them

I was using them before I upgraded, and my current cards that are unsuspended are from v11 tags. I am just worried about deleting them because v12 #FirstAid has 27735 cards while v11 #FirstAid has 3159 cards

Delete an cards with v11 tags that are still suspended.

(Or not. You don’t have to if you don’t want to, we just decided they weren’t needed in the deck)