Notes tagged with V11 and V12...what do I do?

I apologize in advance for this question, however, I did not find what I was looking for in previous posts about v11 tags.

I have both V11 and V12 Step 1 and 2 tags. I understand that the V11 ones have been incorporated in some way into the V12. However, my question is that there are many notes that are tagged for BOTH V11 and V12.
#AK_Step1_v11::#Physeo::03_Physiology::06_Endocrinology::01_Introduction_to_Endocrinology AND

How do I get rid of the V11 tags without deleting the notes that are associated with V12. I have done the check database and clear unused tags. Of course when I try to delete notes tagged both V11 and V12, it removes the V12 version which I want to keep.

  1. How can I delete all notes that are JUST tagged V11?
  2. How can I delete all V11 tags from notes which are also tagged as V12? Surely there has to be a better way than going tag by tag and deleting the V11 tag so that the notes which are also tagged as V12 are not deleted?

Thank you!

you can search like this: tag:#AK_Step1_v11 -tag:#AK_Step1_v12 -tag:#AK_Step2_v12
^ the above will search for things tagged with v11 and not tagged with v12
then do another search: tag:#AK_Step2_v11 -tag:#AK_Step1_v12 -tag:#AK_Step2_v12
^ this is to also find step2 v11 cards…

to remove all v11 tags, you can select them all, then right click the v11 tag, you will get an option saying “remove tag from selected cards”…

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use the above method if you want to actually delete the cards. if you just want to remove v11 tags then right click them in the browser sidebar and choose delete. that will just remove the tag and doesn’t delete any cards. also repeat for step 2 tag

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Click on the step 1 V11 tag, then hold shift and click on the step 2 V11 tag. Then select all notes > go to fastbar > delete notes. If you want after this, you can unsubscribe and resubscribe to AnkiHub to make sure you didn’t delete any V12 cards (highly unlikely that you will by doing this).

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Thank you! So once I do this, the notes shown will be only tagged V11 and not V12, therefore I can delete these V11 notes and no notes tagged V11 and V12 will be deleted?

Won’t this method won’t delete the notes tagged V11 AND V12? Or will it just delete the V11 only notes? Thanks!

You can follow my instructions verbatim and you will have no issues

Yes, you can check the cards after you type that in the search! Then select all and delete.