Anki is extremely slow and there's no card after installing ankihub

When I installed AnkiHub, my anki became extremely slow. Besides, no new cards were added at all, except for some instruction. I dont know how to avoid this…
Please help…

A friend of mine also has this issue on Windows. The add-on makes Anki unusable. We tried switching from QT6 to QT5. Using software video rendering. Making sure no external monitors were being used. Making sure media sync was completed on the Anking deck etc… but we can’t find a solution. Disabling the add-on makes Anki functional again. A bit lost on how to address this issue. EDIT: As for the cards not being added, they likely are there you just need to use the Browser to see them for Anking. Take a look at the Anking drop down to see if there is a media sync taking place – that can cause lagginess.

The reason for the slow down is answered here: Why is Anki super slow when installing an AnkiHub deck?

If you go to browse → tags on the left hand side → can you see #AK_Step1_V12? If you can, it means all the cards were installed successfully

On my friend’s machine media sync is complete i.e. it says “idle” but the lagginess is still present. Curious to know if OP is having the same issue.

We did a fresh install of Anki (had to find and delete the ankihub folders that don’t go away with an uninstall) with a new profile and went through the whole process again. QT5 and software rendering. It works after media sync. Good luck OP.

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