Anki shuts down whenever using the browser

Just now I began having a problem where whenever I search using the browser, Anki automatically shuts down. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?

Can you disable all your addons and see if this persists?

Also try deleting the ankihub addon and reinstalling and see if it still occurs

Thank you. I was able to fix it by holding down shift while restarting anki. I’ve since restart anki a few times and have not had the problem happen again. If it reoccurs, I’ll report back. Thanks

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The problem has started happening again. Any other ideas? What addons are essential for using the Anking deck?

This should fix it:

Go to Anki → preferences → reset window sizes

This has been working, but I need to do it each time I open the browser. Otherwise, it shuts down again.

This will be hopefully fixed in 2.1.66: Changes in 2.1.66 - Anki Betas

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