AnkiHub add-on not syncing or updating

Every time I try to sync, I get the following error. Hitting “Yes” doesn’t do anything, and when I check for updates manually from the Anki Add-on dialog, no updates are found.

I’ve tried restarting Anki, my computer, reinstalling the add-on, and logging out. I also previously tried to “Downgrade from add-on beta version”, but that did not seem to help. I can’t even log back in because the same pop-up dialog appears when trying to log in. AnkiHub is unusable for me in this state.

The add-on indicates I’m on version 2023-05-29.1

bump. Same issues here.

Bumping this. I’ve tried deleting the addon and reading it with both the numbers and the file. The file allowed me to click update and apparently updated, but I get the same notification as above when I try to sign in.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Could you please take a moment to update the add-on now? This should help resolve any issues you may be experiencing. We appreciate your cooperation.

That worked. Thanks!

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