Ankihub add-on requires 2.1.56, I have MacOS 11.7?

My anki is version 2.1.54 and I have tried to upgrade it to 2.1.56 (and beyond). They have been successfully downloaded dmg files, but I am notified they cannot be opened due to having MacOS 11.7. I therefore cannot get the Anking Overhaul in my 2.1.54 system. I thought I upgraded my MacOS operating system to 14.0 (third picture). Can you help me in figuring this out? Thanks.

Can you click on the apple logo in the top left → about this mac → what does it say for MacOS?

Yes, looks like it still shows 11.7

That means you still need to update your MacOS software!

Also, I’ve deleted your image since you shared your serial number

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Thank you, I am not very tech-savvy. This would just be a routine update through Mac settings, correct?

Yes correct

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