AnkiHub subscribed deck not reappearing after I deleted it from app

I subscribed to a Deck on AnkiHub, deleted it, and now can’t redownload the subscribed deck to my Anki. How can I get this subscribed deck back into my Anki?

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Also, the reason I deleted it was because it didn’t have organized categories (i.e., it was like 10K cards with no categories). I wanted to delete it and redownload the collaborative deck (titled Ankisthesia) to see if there was a way to organize the info into sub-categories.

Now when I go to re-sync the Ankihub deck nothing shows up. I’ve deleted all the notes that were empty in manage note types and also used the empty card feature in the Anki app and still not able to get the shared deck to sync from AnkiHub back to my Anki app.

Try unsubscribing to that deck on AnkiHub, and go to subscribed decks on your addon and remove it from there too.

Then resubscribe on ankihub and try to sync again.

See if that fixes it!

Thank you. It ended up working after deleting all the notes, shutting everything down, reopening and resubscribing. It took a little while though for it all to register and for Anki to acknowledge that the AnkiHub material needed to be downloaded.

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