Cannot find deleted Anking deck despite resubscribing, resetting local changes, rebuilding subdecks?

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For more info, I deleted Anking, trying to get all the cards into the Janki deck (I found the full anking too expansive for just step 2 and I am not adept at using it (obviously)). Now, I am trying to redownload/subscribe to anking overhaul and the deck will not show up, despite unsubscribing/resubscribing, syncing, resetting local changes etc.

If your cards have been deleted, do this:

Please try resetting your local changes. To do this:

Go to browse in your Anki → at the top click on ankihub addon tab → press reset all local changes

This will restore everything to what AnkiHub has unless you have specifically protected those fields

Please go to browse → tags → find AK_Step1_V12 → all the cards should be there, you have to unsuspend them