Ankihub wont let me create a collaborative deck

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i am trying to create a collaborative deck on ankihub. when i hit “create collaborative deck” and get to upload, an error message pops up then quickly disappears (so quickly that I can’t see it) and nothing happens. please advise!!! tysm

Please see @jakub.f response to this:

"This is a known issue on Mac and Anki Qt6, see Can’t upload new collaborative decks on QT6 - #7. The current workaround is to install the Qt5 version of Anki instead. You can get it from here:

We have this issue on our list of things to do."

ok awesome so thank worked but now after i subscribed to my co residents deck, when i add a card it doesnt come up on her anki… any suggestions? i can see it in my anki version of her deck, but we thought that if i were to add to the collaborative deck, she would be able to see it on her end as well.

Did you make sure to suggest the new card and accept it on ankihub?

No how do I do that? I don’t think that came up as an option?

You have to use a note type that says (for example) My Notetype (Morgansussman) in order to suggest new cards.

It should show up in the “suggest a change” section, it would say “suggest new card”

Here is an example of a note type that is recognized by AnkiHub

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