Anking Note Type - Unable to save changes

I recently downloaded the Anking Note Types add-on and noticed that the 1-by-1 cloze hider is set to be the crown emoji :crown:. I tried to change it to another emoji, but my changes could not be saved (I click “save” and then return to the configuration page and it’s back at the Crown again).

Is there any way to personalize the emoji? Thanks.

EDIT It seems this is happening with any change I try to make in the config page for the add-on. I can click “Save” at the bottom, but the button to “update notetypes” is grayed out.

Can you redownload the addon and try again and see if that fixes it?

I deleted the add on, quit Anki, restarted Anki and re-installed the add-on, quit Anki again, and opened it. Unfortunately the “update notetypes” button is still greyed out and none of my changes on the configuration page are saved.

Try going to the tab of the relevant note type and click the Reset then Save, and try modifying the setting again.

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I see what I was doing wrong now - I was trying to edit under the “General” tab, but after switching to the right tab, I was able to make and save my changes. Thanks for your help!

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