Anking shows 0 cards

Ive payed and subscribed to Anking overhaul v12 . But after doing all the steps ( adding the add on , logging onto ankihub on my laptop , syncing my ankihub ). The anking overhaul decks name appears but it has 0 cards

Thank you so much !
But I cannot find the boot camp cards . I see the #AK_step1_v12 tag but I do not see the bootcamp tags . When I search #bootcamp nothing shows up

How do I get this to come up ?

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Thank you !
I followed your instructions and touched toggle suspend for all the cards I wanted . But on the main page only 20 cards show up even if I did a lot more than 20


This has to do with your settings, you can alter them here

CleanShot 2024-02-24 at 10.44.57

See the videos below for more information on settings

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