Anking Tags that are Comprehensive Question

Seeing that the Anking deck has an incredible amount of cards it is understandable that students may seek to lessen the load.

When going through material, lets say First Aid. Unsuspending the cards within the First Aid tags will give you way more info than what is in the First aid book. Is the goal of the Anking maintainers to be strict with what cards are listed within each source’s tag or is the goal to add all relevant material to specific tags. For example, im going through the aminoglycosides FA tag and there are cards in there that are not in the book, but related to aminoglycosides. Are we as a community wanting these extra cards within the specific FA tag structure or are we looking to make the info within the tags very resource-specific, removing cards that are not explicitly stated in the study resource?

I think its important to have like one tag structure that encompasses all step 1 info regardless of study resource, but also have the tag structures for individual resources that only have their relevant material. what do you all think?

Here are the explanations for all the tags [Wiki] AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2 by AnKingMed

The First Aid tag was meant to be the most comprehensive tag that covers almost every card. Meanwhile BNB does not have the best tagging because the decks were not made with that resource

I believe the AnkiHub “Unified Tags” is also an example of what you are looking for. We want to phase this into the AnKing deck in the future.

This is an example of the unified tags which you can subscribe to via optional tags

This is the rationale

For the most part, tags like First Aid will stay since its the most comprehensive and we do not want to make major changes to it. However, BNB for example, has been notoriously poorly tagged and would require a better overhaul to fix the tagging discrepancies

If anyone else would like to chime in, feel free to!

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