Cannot download AnkiHub add on

I have tried to redownload the AnkiHub add on after I restarted my subscription, but it will not download after multiple attempts to “get add-on,” restart, etc. Please advise!

Are you logged in via the ankihub tag on anki?

What version of anki are you on? Do you get any error message?

I don’t get an error message. I click “Get Add-ons” and put in the code “1322529746” for AnkiHub. It says “No updates available” in the bottom left corner and then I can’t find AnkiHub anywhere in my list of enabled or disabled add ons. I have version 2.1.54. That’s probably where the problem is

Click any add-on, click “view files”, then navigate back one folder level and find the folder 1322529746 and delete it.

Thank you so much, it worked!

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