Cannot Sync with Ankihub?

Like the title says. I am currently subscribed to anki hub. It’s saying I need to install the Step 1 and 2 deck but I already have it installed. I clicked install anyways and it wants me to have a membership… but I do have one. Help?

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I’m getting this message right now too, I tried signing out and signing back in but that didn’t seem to work.


I am also getting this message as well, singing in and out didn’t help me either. Maybe this is due to a bug in the latest anki version or add-on or something, rather than an individual issue?

I have also got the same error

same error for me. It worked as of a few hours ago. I pay for yearly and it’s active…

me too I need help with this

Same here. I have the same problem except I have the MCAT deck.

Side question, what are your addons? the background looks nice and I like the progress bar and the style of your anki deck layout. I new and I want to customize my anki

same error here…


We are currently investigating an issue regarding active subscription status.

We will update you in due time, thank you for your patience

Thank you!! Y’all are awesome

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same with me

We have just uploaded a fix to solve the sync and memberships problem. Thank you for informing us about the issue, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you again for your patience, and please let us know if you have any problems. :pray: :sparkles:

The addons you probably talking about are “Review Heatmap” and “Custom Background Image and Gear Icon”. Here is the youtube video for the latter (and it also talk about the Heatmap), hope it helps!

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