Can't see AnkiHub cards

I just paid for AnkiHub, subscribed to the deck online, and added the AnkiHub add-on to my desktop app. Despite this, the AnkiHub categories show zero cards and it appears that my Overhaul deck hasnโ€™t been updated at all. Guidance on how to fix this?

Have you synced yet on your Anki? It should prompt you to download once you press sync on the AnkiHub addon, or sync in general

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I have noticed that if you have the ankihub add on and click sync from the menubar it will then sync the decks and the media however once you click the sync on the home screen where all your decks are you will see the live updates and thatโ€™s what took me some time to let it load and they all eventually updated once I restarted the app. Hope this helps! :blush:

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