Card Due Dates Moved Years Ahead On AnkiHub Specific Decks

I never had this issue pre-AnkiHub and updating to the latest version of Anki. I was on 2.1.49 for all of last year. I have no new add-ons minus AnkiHub. This has effected both my AnKing and Endeavor decks, both of which I am subscribed to. Going through forums has been unsuccessful so far. Anyone have any fixes? I could only upload one image considering I am a “new user”.

Can you try pressing check database and see what it says?

“Database rebuilt and optimized” showed up. However, when I went to “Browse” those cards still show as being due in 2025.

This is the closest Ive found, you could just reposition them all?

If this is not satisfactory I can ping the developers for you to see what could be causing this issue for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the solution, but it did not work!

I’ve gone ahead and notified the developers about this.

They will get to you in due time

Thank you for your patience :slight_smile:

This is a pretty interesting issue…

  • Do you have the V3 scheduler enabled?
  • Can you also share screenshots of your settings?
  • Can you tell me how many of your cards (what % of the total decks) have been pushed forward? I can help you do this if you share settings.

It don’t believe AnkiHub is able to touch scheduling of cards so I would be quite surprised if it is the culprit

I use the v3 scheduler, yes. And like I mentioned previously, the issue is only on AnkiHub specific decks. Both of which I had before AnkiHub and then integrated once I subscribed.

I can only include one image at a time currently, so the other one will be in a new comment.

What’s the largest interval you’re seeing in Anki? Is it just 1 year?

Is it possible these issues started when you switched to the V3 scheduler? I have seen it do some funky things in the past. Can you send the card information on another card or two from all decks like your first one? You can use to send multiple photos.

It almost looks like as soon as you graduate the card it gets bumped to >1 year. But it also looks like they all got moved to 2/23/2025 from this screenshot as if they were manually rescheduled… But that would display in the info card too.

It could be possible, but like I said it’s only on AnkiHub specific decks and it was not like this before subscribing. None of the other decks I utilize have been altered like this through the v3 scheduler.

I now know that I can alter the due dates in a batch fashion to a more appropriate time and I do believe the cards keep the current intervals. Just an update.

Did you at any point use the “set due date” function or an addon like the postpone cards addon?

A lot of them in that screenshot look normal, but 2 stuck out. When I see something like this I see that some of your reviews were long overdue, which Anki rewards with a dramatic interval bump when you get them correct.

Also, this is egregious… From what it looks like, as soon as you graduate a card it gets kicked out by a whole year. This is a bug I’ve seen and tested before with the V3 scheduler, can you try to disable it in preferences and see if cards escalate your interval setting appropriately?

You can also set your “max interval” to 180 days which will be a good precaution for your studies regardless of the cause of this issue.

I have never used this function until now. It sorted the issue out, although it’s likely to happen again if it’s due to the V3 scheduler.

I used to use the postpone cards add-on in didactic year (ended back in December), but it was never for more than a few days.

I’ll disable V3 and reset the max interval after my shift today and let you know how that goes. But concerning the interval, the numbers are never really that high. The highest I recall seeing yesterday was ~7 months.

And concerning doing cards well past their due dates, being in PA school required a lot of suspending/unsuspending/re-suspending cards in order to be able to get through cards. Being forced to be in class from 8/9-5 really put a damper in the Anki grind haha.

@Nick @dollajas

I am beginning to wonder if all of this started back in February. I had a glitch for two days that I posted about on Reddit where everything that could go wrong on Anki was going wrong. Namely, it was saying on two days in a row I did >2000 cards when I had maybe done 200. The most I’ve done at this point is 600 in one day. I am wondering if on that day I used the postpone cards add-on and it affected cards in the AnKing and Endeavor decks and I am just now noticing. That was the only error I could think of last night. I can’t prove or disprove that, but it’s a thought.

That wouldn’t surprise me. AnkiHub doesn’t have any code that would alter the scheduling of cards so I can’t think of a way that it would do that. Your idea probably makes the most sense. You can always manually reschedule those cards if needed