Cards missing - only able to view on Ankihub

Why am i not able to view some of my cards? When I am reviewing the cards, it’ll be blank, but then when I hit ‘Show Answer’, the answer will come up.

How do I fix this?

Not sure why this is occurring…

Can you first try going to tools → empty cards → delete

Then go to tools → check database

If anyone else knows why this is occurring, please let us know!

I am having the same issue, and I am not sure what to do about it. I always notice that it is the same batch of cards in the Anking V12 deck.

It also will start doing this, and then repeatedly happen to a batch of cards. I have to restart Anki often but sometimes that doesn’t work.

@amani or @bea8897 While reviewing such card, can you click Edit then Cards… and post a screenshot of the front template?

This is the front template code:


{{One by one}}

The AnKing



Here is the card itself.

Another card with the same issue

Also have the similar issue with the front being blank and the back having the content

This also did not resolve the issue :frowning:

The templates look fine to me. Can you try installing the Qt5 version of Anki? See Anki - powerful, intelligent flashcards

I think I’m having the same issue
Is it possible for add-ons to result in blank fronts of cards? I checked the cloze deletions and everything seems good from what I can see but they still show up as blank on the front.

As soon as I click to go to the back everything is fine, though.

Try this

Close anki completely and then reopen it while holding down the shift key. If it still happens then you know its not an addon causing it.

Okay and if it is an add-on is there a way to tell which one without manually adding one back at a time? Thank you!

Unfortunately not!

Has there been any addons u added recently?

Can you try downloading Anki version 2.1.64 QT5 and see if this issue still occurs?

@shmuelsash It still occurred with all add-ons disabled. I will try @Ahmed7’s recommendation and let you know if that works. Apparently some of my friends have been having issues with it too and they only have 5 or so add-ons (all add-ons that I have). Thank you both for your help. I’ll keep you updated

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Did it end up working?

If installing the Qt5 version didn’t help, please export and share a sample card with the issue.

Sorry for the late reply- It’s been a crazy few days with exams. I didn’t download the QT5 version yet. However, I did suspend the card that was causing the issue (it wouldn’t show that card or the card that appeared immediately after it every time that specific card came up), and it hasn’t happened since.