Cards appearing blank when reviewing despite the fact that fields are not empty

Every like 3-4 cards I just get a blank that does not load. Sometimes if I go up to “decks” and then back into a session I can get a new card that shows info, but then it almost immediately gives me a blank screen again. Have not been able to get through more than 30 cards in the last 2 days. I just upgraded my anki a few days ago and then joined anki hub. This never happened before I did these things.

here are screenshots of what I see. It appears like it only happens on review cards from what I noticed. This time it only took one card to do this.

other media post because I guess I only get one in a post

As one last update, it looks like it only happens on cards with many fields. I am using the anking deck so I don’t know how to fix that since I did not make the cards myself and don’t have time to change all of them.

Can you try disabling the AnkiHub add-on and see if this still happens when it is disabled?
You could also try to disable other add-ons to see if it helps.

Please also upload your logs and post the filename you get here. (Main Anki window → AnkiHub menu → Help → Upload logs).

I just looked quickly and I don’t know how to remove the add-on. One of my friends actually put it on my Anki for me so I was not able to do that. I did try to get the logs using your instructions, but I am not sure if this is what you wanted. link below. Sorry this is not very helpful, but I really only know how to click through the cards and nothing else.


No problem. Thanks for the logs!

To disable the add-on you can do this:

  • from the main Anki window click on Tools → Add-ons
  • Search for AnkiHub in the list and select it
  • Click the Toggle Enabled button
  • The AnkiHub item in the list should be one gray

Hello! I just downloaded AnkiHub today and noticed a similar problem when I was going through my reviews. Once I hit a blank card, I’m able to see the card if I go back to the main Anki window, hit sync, and return to the AnKing deck. But I have the same problem again after doing 20 or so cards. I disabled the AnkiHub add-on as you suggested and still had the same error. I haven’t had this issue since I downloaded AnkiHub today, so I don’t think it would be due to my other add-ons.

My AnkiHub add-on log: ankihub_addon_logs_c49ce_1679783014.log


I would like to add to this conversation and say I have noticed this issue occasionally as well. I’m still not sure whether it’s an inherent Anki issue that needs patching or AnkiHub though. I haven’t managed to find any pattern with it either - some days I won’t notice it at all and then other days it’ll be every few cards.

Edit: the issue persists despite using the empty cards tool in Anki.

Try the solution described here: Lengthy Cloze cards appear blank - #4 by jakub.f.


Hi! I’m having the same problems but with multiple cards, not just lengthy close cards. I’m using the overhaul deck, as well. I’ve tried all solutions mentioned above and none have worked.