CNS Infections Cards and Anking Optional Tags

Hey guys, just writing a quick update. Please read as its decently important.

First, if you aren’t able to see the CNS Infections images, you’re not alone. If you are, ignore this part. If you can’t see the images:

  1. Go into Browse on anki
  2. Scroll down to the UVA SOM Tags
  3. Find the 06_MBB::Wk2:: CNS Infections tag, and delete all of those cards
  4. Then download this deck directly (CNS_Infections.apkg - Google Drive) from google drive, which is the exact same deck
  5. They should still be tagged right, but you can move the cards back to the UVA SOM deck if you want.

Also, noticed that 117 people are subscribed to my deck but only 111 are subscribed to the UVA Anking optional tag. Just want to again mention that my deck is not comprehensive alone, you need the anking optional tag in order to get all the cards associated with lecture. Some lectures, like the Mood Disorders II lecture, are covered very well in anking, and almost all cards for it are going to be in there rather than my deck.

Have a good week everyone!