Creating subdeck

I am trying to create subdecks from the Anking deck with tags. For example, an endocrine deck with multiple tags.

I watched this video ( but I don’t see this add on anymore it recommends.

I’ve attached a screenshot of one of the tags and my Anki


You can create a custom deck

  1. Unsuspend the cards in the tag you want to study
  2. Click on the AnKing deck
  3. At the bottom, click on custom study
  4. Click on study by card state or tag
  5. New cards only (if you have never done them before) OR due cards only if you have done them before
  6. Click choose tags
  7. Tick “require one or more of these tags”
  8. Scroll until you found the tag you want and select it
  9. Click OK then rename the deck to whatever you want the subdeck to be called

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