Deletion of cards

I accidentally deleted all my cards .so what do I do now?

Try restoring from an automatic backup: Backups - Anki Manual

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Thank you.I just backed up and I have 43810 cards in Ankihub.You will only get that many cards if you already have version11 right?
But I lost my USMLE Lab values deck.How do I download it again.

I assume so. @Ahmed7 can confirm.

If youโ€™re already subscribed to the USMLE Lab Values deck and syncing still doesnโ€™t bring the deck back, go to the browser and click AnkiHub > reset all local changes to a deck.

Yes, if you also have V11 and have not deleted any duplicate cards, you will have a higher amount

You can see how to delete all V11 cards that are not apart of V12, see this post: How do I delete all V11 cards after I have upgraded to V12?

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I just deleted all V11 cards like you said,V12 has 36336 cards right?


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