Does burying sibling cards for review interact with the Weekends and Holidays add-on?

The add-on itself is pretty straight forward, and I get most of the GUI options (the only two that I am not really sure on what it does are the “reschedule cards before syncing/closing” options, though this may or may not be related to my question).

Yesterday I had rescheduled some of my mature cards for today to be moved over the next few days as today was going to be busy. However, I am seeing less cards than I had expected for today (I remember a card count of about ~480 due today after rescheduling, but today I have ~360). Unfortunately, I am not sure if I had misremembered how many were actually due today. In any case, I feel that getting a better understanding on how the add-on interacts with different settings.

Here is what I know.
Got on my phone earlier today, and I think I had synchronized too (not too sure, but I think so since it matched the card count that I think I saw post-reschedule) and it said I had 480 cards due. Then I got on my computer and it had ~360 cards. I checked and the number of cards unsuspended are the same, so no issue on my end. Resyncing my phone goes to that number (which is why I may have doubts).

So, all of that to ask, would enabling “bury sibling cards for review” make the rescheduler say its rescheduling less cards than it actually is. Some of the siblings are buried but at different due dates at time (let’s say some were due yesterday but were going to be shown tomorrow because buried), so I can find it plausible that when the next day begins the rescheduler sees that some mature cards were still due today and moved them.

Sorry for the ramble, but hopefully it could lead to some good discussion. Thanks in advance!