Dr Chil and Machineberg’s PM&R Master Deck V2

Dr Chil and Machineberg’s PM&R Master Deck V2

Hi Everyone!

We have HUGE updates on the PM&R Master Deck!

  • Firstly, there have been MAJOR deck reorganization (thanks to @drchil)! No more redundancy in the decks. (…well, best we could think of anyways)
  • We are also adding lots of new tags to help find cards based on topics & study materials. Current sources that we have added are based on chapters from Cuccurullo PM&R Board review, the Pocketpedia, PM&R Recap, & AAP Podcasts. As for topics we are breaking things down into sub -topics.
  • Most of the problems with the images from the last deck should now be solved & we are continuing to finish up that issue.
  • Finally, we have also fixed the formatting of the cards to be more consistent & appealing (thanks again to @drchil).

We had over 120 subscribers to our last deck! Thank you for your support of our last version, we are aiming to do even better on this version.

Upcoming Projects

  • Continuing to refine tags based on subtopics
  • Add tags for resources including Self Assessment Exam for Residents (SAE_ High Yield), AMSSM Sports Medicine Ultrasound videos, AAP Podcasts, Preston & Shapiro EDx & more
  • Giving community shout outs to those who make the most suggestions between each update
  • Deleting duplicate/Redundant Cards

That guy is a hero


Hi! Thanks for your hard work on this!

I tried downloading - but it looks like none of the media comes through, I troubleshooted through the FAQ but no dice – looks like an issue that was on the last version.

Wanted to pick your brain if it’s an issue you’ve heard of / had on this version? And if so, any solutions?

Hmm, probably > 99% of the cards that have photos are working now, with only a few cards left. When you sync your deck, is there a loading symbol next to the Sync button at the top of your screen? Perhaps not all of the photos have loaded on your device, yet.

Nope! not loading - it comes up as idle,

and when I export the media from the deck, only 21 pictures come up. There must be some error in importing the media; it says I have 1573 missing files

Just wanted to add the solution here in case anyone reads the thread. If your photos do not load, try downloading the cards from this Google drive link (here) & then subscribe to the deck.