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I am subscribed via scholarship, I love the platform and want to extend to a year membership! How?

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Whenever your scholarship ends, you can just apply for another one if you so wish!

I have an account that has just ended its scholarship. I want to extend it. However, using the https://www.ankihub.net/scholarships does not work.

I have tried staying signed in and than clicking “create your account” and get taken back to my account asking me to become a member.

I have tried being signed out and then clicking “create your account” and the results were the same after signing in.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Your scholarship has been extended for 6 months!

Let us know if you need anything else

You can apply for a 6 month scholarship! https://www.ankihub.net/scholarships

Hello, I Have the same question my fellows friends, I want to ask how can I extend my scholarship.

Thank you in advance


Your scholarship has been extended!

Happy studying :grinning:

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thank you so much!!

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