Following recent update, AnkiHub::UpdatedToday in the browser is showing me hundreds of notes

I’m not certain if this is an AnkiHub problem, or a personal problem with my collection. Nonetheless, the new feature in the browser appears to be showing me notes that have been updated over the past several days instead of notes only updated today. I manually sync with AnkHub so I feel that I have an idea of the number I should be seeing.

I recently had to install the “fix invalid card ID” add on, which I believe is related to incorrect dating; however, when I go to Today::Added, the number of notes presented is accurate, so I think that this is an AnkiHub issue.

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Disregard. I updated AnkiHub this morning and this doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore.

Great! We just released an update that changes which notes are matched by the Update Today category. Previously it matched all notes/cards updated in the last 24 hours instead of just the notes updated today. So this was probably the reason why it showed too many updates on your end.

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