Heart Murumurs in Cadiovascular Deck

I hear the same initial heart murmurs as I go through the deck. How do I fix the media to play the correct heart murmur with its coresponding card?

Please try resetting your local changes. To do this:

Go to browse in your Anki → at the top click on ankihub addon tab → press reset all local changes

This will restore everything to what AnkiHub has unless you have specifically protected those fields

if this does not fix it, please try this:

Unsubscribe to the deck on the ankihub addon → unsubscribe to the deck on the ankihub website → resubscribe again on the website → press sync on anki

I tried both options and they didnt work. I still hear the same sound as with different cards.

Can you provide the note ID’s of the card that have the same exact sounds playing?