How to move selected cards back a set amount of time?

Is there a way to choose cards that will be seen PAST a certain point in time and reschedule them to be shown some amount of time earlier. I know there is a “Set Due Date” tool, but how can I make cards that will be due at different dates for example a card due in 2025 and a card due in 2024 show up Earlier (before a certain date) but not on the exact SAME day.

I have an exam on a certain day and I would like to see every card due past the day of the exam again before the day of my exam, but not all on the same day as that may take too long.

Is this possible?

It’s possible, you should read the section in the manual on card properties

A clip from the AnKing demonstrating set due date: How to Change Anki Settings Before a Test (including the Exam Notifier Add-on!) - YouTube

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My solution to this was to use the set due date function and manually set the due date for each card to a date before the date of the exam. I sorted the cards by Due Date, found all the ones due after the exam date, then went in batches of 7-10 cards and set the due date to earlier and earlier dates.

That video was very helpful for this purpose as well. Thank you.