Improve UX for likes and replies on AnkiHub

That makes a lot more sense. If that’s the case, is there anyway we can improve some of the features in AH to facilitate commenting on suggestions? Ie., suggestions with your likes/dislikes are have the symbols highlighted, indicator on suggestions that you viewed or commented on it already, and some basic text formatting options such as those available here.

I really like the idea of like button turns green and dislike button turns red when you use those buttons. Sometimes i forget if i liked or disliked a post unless i relike/redislike to see if it was me or not

Also, if likes/dislikes showed up on AnkiHub for the comments, instead of having to go to the community to see if your comment was liked/disliked



Echoing what Ahmed and you have suggested, I’ve had the same experience and have also been thinking it would be nice to see who has like/disliked on AnkiHub by hovering over the buttons itself w/o having to open a separate tab for the Discourse post.

I’d also like it if maintainer likes/dislikes were counted separate from community members since maintainer approval/rejection has some more weight behind it when it comes to accepting/rejecting (not to discourage the community from providing feedback though!)

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Nice to have it.

Additionally as @CTE_BrainDamage suggested, we can have a seperate mantainers only voting system, which would be hidden from other community members.

Not sure if this is the right place for this, but would be helpful to be able to right-click on the number two here and select open link in a new tab.