Suggestion: Highlighted Name or Icon Next To Maintainer Names on AnkiHub

This was also discussed on slack before, but adding here as well.

Purely QOL, low priority

Sometimes when browsing through suggestions on AnkiHub, names like Joe or Alex (maintainers), might be somebody else. Although the chance of this is very low but at a glance it made me realize that in the future this might occur. Having maintainers’ names be highlighted in a specific color, or having an icon next to them would make it easier to see who has commented or suggested a certain suggestion at a glance and much faster.

Also to make sure users know that maintainers are commenting on their suggestions, since there is currently no indicator for this unless they go and check who accepted/rejected their suggestion.

Similiar to what we have currently on discourse

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Agreed! I’m realizing there are a lot of features on Discourse that would make a lot of sense on AnkiHub.

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If this is being implemented we should be sure to add a qualifier next to the maintainer (e.g. level of training or special training) - so we can see if this maintainer is an M1 student with a PhD, or OMS4 student from a DO school similar to Reddit


We could allow people to make their own “badge” and just change it if people are being inappropriate?

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we could also just have a drop-down menu if the self-made badges don’t work out, for example, M0-4, OMS1-4, Y1-6, PGY-1-4, and if there are other ones that we haven’t included we can add them later? That is if people start being inappropriate since it would be cumbersome to include a drop-down for every title

Yeah but there’s decks other than medical on AnkiHub

True, maybe we could have a specific drop-down only for AnKing overhaul? And then other decks can feel free to make their own based on their deck content


This functionality should also be expanded to lifetime Ankihub users (see slack comment under Nicks post)

Also perhaps AnkiHub lifetime users could get priority discourse support, priority maintainer “urgent” tags when a suggestion is made etcc

More personalization, color, customizability would be better for AnkiHub users as a whole

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