Personal Suggestions Tab

I feel as we contribute to the AnKing deck sometimes I would like to see what happened to my suggestions. Currently I have to click community suggestions and then type my name to find my tagged suggestions. Is there any way you can add a personal contributed suggestions tab that shows your personal requests made to the community suggestions in AnkiHub?


Hi, I was wondering whether an award system with badges etc. could be made to reward people who continuously improve ankihub deck notes by keeping track of edits done. It would also become part of one’s profile ex: gold medal for updating content of 100 cards.


I love this idea in addition to a gamification “leader board.” Discourse (the software this community is based on) has a similar feature that we can use as a model: Discourse Gamification - plugin - Discourse Meta

We’ve also talked about implementing both a notification system and a dashboard for users to keep track of their suggestions and this relates nicely to that. We already have the data we need to do this, so I think it’s just a matter of building out the front end.