Potential freemium feature: Space to discuss/collaborate on individual cards

Currently my workflow if I do not understand a card and have already reviewed the tagged material is to search on google/reddit until I find a post related to that exact card.

Ankihub seems well positioned to provide a space to discuss underlying material on a card by just adding a “discussion” page for each note under “note details”. Moderation wouldn’t be hard as it would require Ankihub subscription and deck maintainers could select the most exhaustive explanation as the “right answer” if they want to crowdsource moderation a bit.

If you’re still trying to make Ankihub a freemium model, this could also work as a premium feature. It could be marketed as a source of information that goes beyond what is on the cards to augment learning, built by the ankihub premium community.

[if people like it and it works, you could monetize further by building an in-anki discussion viewer addon and/or by building a video library with professional explanations as <30 second video shorts on a per-card basis. The overhead for this could decrease dramatically if you just crowdsourced trusted creators and offer to pay them royalties for videos on a per-view basis.]


There are some really fresh and interesting ideas here. Thanks for contributing!

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I love it. We could actually implement this by creating topics on this forum for each note and embedding the discussion on the note details page. It’s actually possible to create topics on this forum in “wiki mode,” turning each topic into a full-fledged wiki that includes collaborative editing, history, etc.


This would be perfect. Seems like you already have all the infrastructure to get it done. Would be a small lift with, in my opinion, a big value add. It would also probably decrease the workload of deck maintainers by reducing the number of suggestions that just come from misunderstanding the card.