AnkiHub <> Discourse Integration

Here’s what we’re thinking for integrating the community with AnkiHub. There are a few benefits that could come from this:

  • Communication between deck maintainers and their subscribers
    • Announcements, changelogs, etc., from deck maintainers to subscribers
    • Automated posts about deck updates (like a weekly digest)
    • Documentation about the deck using Discourse wiki posts
    • Subscribers can reach out to the maintainers with questions
    • Planning/project management related to the deck
    • Discourse can handle sending emails to users to ensure they receive these communications
      • they just need to be subscribed to the right things on Discourse (I think we can manage this programmatically so that when an AnkiHub user subscribes to a Deck, we subscribe them to the appropriate category on Discourse)

Update the main page for Decks with relevant community links
In addition to a description, we can programmatically manage a section with links to the appropriate Discourse category, tags, etc.


Top priority features that I think would most benefit everyone:


  • When someone signs up for AnkiHub, they should be automatically signed up for the community so they get emails. They can manage notifications from the community settings

Deck Creators

  • When a deck is created, there should also be a tag on the community created for that deck
    • the deck tag should be linked in the deck description on the website
  • The deck creator should be able to post deck updates and news that take priority (i.e. pinned) in the tag on the community, but other users should still be able to share things. It might need to be that there’s just one post for deck updates or one wiki page and the user is automatically subscribed to that post. We’d have to make it so nobody else can comment on it though.
    • when a user subscribes to a deck on AnkiHub, it should also subscribe them to the tag on the community
  • should receive notifications when there are suggestions to the deck (maybe just weekly)

*some of these apply to optional tags creators too

Deck Users

  • should receive a notification when the deck creator posts updates and news about the deck
  • should receive notification when a comment is made on their suggestion or a suggestion that they have made a comment on
  • should receive a notification when a suggestion they have made is approved or rejected

(Less important)

  • Deck creator can create a wiki style page for the deck and use this to replace the current deck descriptions
  • Deck creator and maintainer handles are listed on the deck description so users can message them on the community (can just have people manually list in the short term)

Support everything @TheAnKing mentioned, last point about list of maintainers would be extra helpful for those of us that are new maintainers as well as I don’t know the usernames of every maintainer.

Integrating notifications for optional tag maintainers whenever somebody suggests tags would be great, though less important. Moreso for ease of mind as I tend to visit that page less often


Also not sure if this can be integrated, but if there is an option to heart, thumbs up etc. messages, that would be good instead of having to reply each time, it will increase engagement and users can know a maintainer have seen their comment without them having to reply


I agree with everything our team has mentioned here. Here is my take in detail on features that should be considered and some use cases:

  • A built-in chat feature: This should be easy to do through discourse, but would allow users to communicate with the maintainer groups of each individual deck. I don’t know if this is a great idea given the notification burden of pending chats but worth discussing.

  • A rating / banner system: As others have said + changes needed to the current system needed include colored thumbs up/down, potentially some incentive to rate cards which can help us decide what is useful. Having banners for maintainers that identify them will be necessary, as well as self labels users can free text to indicate their field fo study. Optionally, I think it will be nice for maintainers alone to see the % of suggestions made by a user that have been accepted (potentially even as a fraction).

  • A reporting system: Perhaps a way to internally flag users that have good or bad suggestions as a sign to other maintainers that this user should be known to them. A flag with a note available on hover would suffice. Potentially a way to report profanity / ban function down the line if we enable chats.

  • A notification system:

    • Discourse style notifications are not too burdensome. Users need to be notified when suggestions are accepted, rejected, liked, disliked, assigned, or modified. We need to make sure these notifications are disabled on suggestions that are already rejected, or potentially eliminate the chat function on expired suggestions entirely (need input on this?)
    • One feature that will be useful is for maintainers to “assign” suggestions to each other. This will allow us to delegate a large queue easily, as well as send specific suggestions on neurology to our neurology expert for example. Assigned maintainers to a specific suggestion will be the only ones to receive notifications on that discussion.

Highly support your final suggestion, the “assign” function would be really helpful, for example any image replacement suggestion can be assigned to me and I can filter by assigned and get through them first since its priority

Thanks, @TheAnKing ! I’m so excited about this integration!

Possible solution:

  • Create a Discourse group for deck creators.
  • Create a category in which only deck creators/maintainers can create new topics, but that everyone can see and reply to.
    • This category could be for announcements, documentation, etc.
  • Use tags in this category to handle notifications.

This would avoid the need to create a category for every deck (which seems like a bad idea).

That’s the beauty of implementing notifications with Discourse - we get all of the amazing Discourse features (like assignments, bookmarks, flags, etc) for free!


yes. Definitely don’t want to do this. We just need to ensure notifications are sent. I don’t know of a way to subscribe to a category on discourse, only to individual posts.

Would it be possible to have all the above mentioned features for optional tags as well?

Yes, but this would likely come after an initial proof-of-concept just for decks.


Any updates on when this will get changed?