Promoting Community Engagement on AnkiHub/the AnKing Step Deck

Hey y’all! @Ahmed7, @TheAnKing, @andrew, and I are discussing some ways to encourage some more community engagement on AnkiHub, starting with the AnKing Step Deck.

Problem: The AnKing Step deck has now surpassed 30k subscribers with a team of ~3-10 active maintainers on any given day due to our busy schedules. Consequently, we’ve amassed a queue of 500+ community suggestions, most of which requesting significant content changes in the deck that require a lot of diligence and engagement per decision.


  1. Make maintaining high volume AnkiHub decks more efficient
  2. Enable more community collaboration on AnkiHub decks/suggestions.

Solution: Allow deck maintainers to set up Discourse groups with community contributors that wouldn’t be able to accept/reject/edit suggestions but could be assigned/notified when we want to garner some more community feedback on a suggestion. These groups would be opt-in for subscribers interested in volunteering.

For the AnKing deck, we could start with a group for each Step exam with 10-20 people in each group recruited from /r/medicalschoolanki or via an email to all deck subscribers. If there’s a need and enough interest within the community we could eventually even set up multiple groups (e.g., Step 1 A, B, C, …) with 10-20 people each to allow maintainers to assign pages of suggestions across 100s of community members. This could also be made an option presented to people whenever they subscribe to a deck on AnkiHub.

Workflow example: A maintainer notices a quality suggestion on a Step 1 card → assign suggestion to a Step 1 community group → weigh in themselves and/or wait to allow the community to weigh in → reject/accept accordingly.

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Support, also we need to find more ways to encouraging community engagement. The leaderboard will help a lot, but attaching prizes and rewards to that will also help imo

This is possible to implement using this community forum. We could allow maintainers to create groups here and make it so those groups will get notifications for suggestions with a given tag. The community can actually be used as a full blown project management system. You can assign individuals and groups to specific suggestions, groups of suggestions, and track status using tags, etc.

Yes, I think this would be super helpful! @Ahmed7 and I are thinking it would be good to enable us to make this sort of group and we’re planning on making an “Active Maintainers” group to start then based off how that goes/once we get used to the functionality of it we can expand to start up some community groups.