Collaborative sub-tags for decks by separate maintainers

A major use case of ankihub could be school-specific tagging of anking cards to lectures. If this was implemented, you may be able to even work with med schools directly for bulk licensing of ankihub. I’ve been noticing quite a few “anking” collaborative decks on ankihub, and this may be because of custom tagging projects by individual schools.

It would be a nice future addition to have separate collaborative “decks” that are just an additional tagging scheme to current cards. This would probably require separate maintainers.


Astute observation. We are working on this right now. :smile:

The new feature is called “Optional Tags,” and will enable exactly what you are describing. Optional tag groups will facilitate collaborating on tags that apply to a deck which will only be available to users who specifically subscribe to the optional tag group. It will have a similar collaborative workflow that decks have.

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Might we envison a future where the Anking company is able to help streaming the creation of Anki decks for the specific med schools? Like meeting with curriculum reps to layout a system for how to get students and staff oriented to the tool? Bascially bring the Anking mastery course to all M1s during orientation.