Optional tag group for multiple decks

Is it possible now or in future to assign multiple decks to a single optional tag group? Myself and many others use multiple decks to study for classes in medical school and having a common tag hierarchy for our curriculum that can unite several decks in to a single organizational structure would be very helpful (another user has mentioned this here). For example, I have created an optional tag group “Geisel” for the AnKing deck, but it would be nice to use those same tags under “AnkiHub_Optional::Geisel” for the UMich BlueLink cadaver anatomy deck which I also use heavily, but I can’t add an extra deck to the tag group or create a second tag group with the same name (unsurprisingly). For now, I have uploaded UMich deck and am adding normal, non-optional tags “AnkiHub_Optional::Geisel” as changes to the cards, but I’m sure others who subscribe to this deck will not want these tags in their collections, and having several copies of the same decks on AnkiHub is not ideal.

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Thanks for tagging me in this – it’s a great idea. I didn’t realize that the one optional tag cannot be used on separate AnkiHub decks.

You linked an older post where I mentioned using my optional tag on multiple decks. I actually posted more recently here essentially bringing up the same problem you mention in this post.

Thanks @MightyBooman. Great to hear that you want this feature as well, I think many people would find it helpful. And thanks for adding your other post–I had missed that one.
Also, I should mention to the creators and developers that the optional tags feature is a really awesome addition to an already revolutionary tool. My classmates and I are really appreciating being able to add school-specific tags to the AnKing deck, this feature would just make the feature substantially more functional for streamlined studying.