Renaming optional tags

I created an optional tag for the AnKing Overhaul deck shortly after the feature was released. The tag is called “!NSU-KPCOM”. I tried to create this same optional tag for a different deck on AnkiHub, but I am now getting an error saying that I can only use letters and underscores. The new tag would have to read “NSU_KPCOM”. I’d like for both tags to be the same for the sake of consistency.

I don’t mind the new tag name, but how can I safely update the tag on my end to ensure that all subscribers also receive the change?

I realized late that my post wasn’t totally clear.

I would like to rename the Anking Overhaul tag from “!NSU-KPCOM” to “NSU_KPCOM” so that I can use the same optional tag for both decks. However, I cannot find an option to rename an existing optional tag. I’m wondering what the best method is to rename !NSU-KPCOM tag for myself and the subscribers

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