Issue with creating AnkiHub optional tag, keep getting the same error message

The same bug has been addressed before and allegedly “resolved”: (Optional Tag List Bugs, etc). Unfortunately, I am experiencing the same issue as the previous person. I have Anki Version ⁨2.1.63 (f356f177)⁩. To be clear, I am having issues with (2) and (3) as mentioned in that thread.

I created an optional tag for my medical school within the “AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2” AnkiHub deck from the AnkiHub dashboard. I have all the AnKing V11 cards tagged to match my med school’s curriculum. I have the ones I want tagged labeled “AnkiHub_Optional::COM,” where the COM matches the optional tag I created from AnkiHub.

When I highlight the tagged cards and click “AnkiHub: Suggest Optional Tag,” I keep getting the message “Please only select notes from an AnkiHub deck to suggest optional tags.”

I created a new profile, ensured it was synced properly, synced with AnkiHub, made sure the title of the deck I have tagged cards in is called “AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 & 2,” and have not been able to select the correct optional tag to upload it to AnkiHub because I keep getting this error message.

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Are your cards that the V11 tags are on updated? Are they V12 cards?

I tried suggesting optional tags from the “AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 and 2” main deck and even tried directly from the AK_Step1_v12 tagged cards, and got the same error message.

A separate deck keeps getting created named “AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 and 2 (AnkiHub)” when my other one with all the V12 cards is named “AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 and 2”. Any idea what is happening? See the image below.

To clarify what cards I have, here is the breakdown.

  • AnKing Overhaul for Step 1 and 2: 43,473
  • AK_Step1_v10: 961
  • AK_Step1_v11: 3,194
  • AK_Step1_v12: 30,832
  • AK_Step2_v10: 3,460
  • AK_Step2_v11: 1,028
  • AK_Step2_v12: 19,142
  • AK_Step3_v12: 984

The majority of the cards that I have tagged for my medical school are V12.