Trouble with Optional Tag


I created an optional tag for my school and have been adding the tags through suggesting optional tags with no success. Even after I add the tag through “suggest optional tag”, the tag does not show up on the card, nor does it show up on ankihub. I have tried syncing, restarting the app etc. and it does not work.

Do you see this message after you submit?

What is the format of the optional tag you are suggesting?

I think you might need to just fix your tags in order for it to work. You named your optional tag “UMass_AnkingOptional” so they need the following format.


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i believe the format is correct

Is there only the 1 card in the AnkiHub_Optional::UMass_AnkingOptional" tag?

From what I can tell it looks like in addition you also have tags that are just “UMass” and are missing the “AnkiHub_Optional::” in front

Depending on if you have the right add-on installed you might be able to right click where the arrow is and select “rename” so that your “UMass” tags have “AnkiHub_Optional::UMass_AnkingOptional” in front of them. Your tag need to match the name of the optional tag you created.

The tag should actually have at least one level after the group name, e.g. AnkiHub_Optional::UMass_AnkingOptional::TagName. This is not clearly explained in the interface or the docs but we’re looking to improve that.

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