Optional Tag List Bugs, etc

1.) Tagging does not work unless the tag group name has no spaces (add this to tag list generation screen?)

2.) “please only select notes from an AnkiHub deck to suggest optional tags” error even though the selection is right

3.) Optional tags not appearing in “optional tags” menu in card details on deck page

Hi @conwork! Thanks for your detailed report on the bugs found. We’ve worked this week to address the issues you mentioned. Items (1) and (3) have been solved already :slight_smile:

We’re still investigating item (2) and it might take some more time until it’s done, but we’ll update you on this thread when the problem is solved :wrench:


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Bug #2 was fixed in a recent add-on update.

Seems like it’s not fully fixed yet. Running into the bug #2 issue while trying to batch upload a bunch of tags.

Found an example. I think because it’s a note that was deleted from AnkiHub but is present in the deck I’m importing.

Langerhans cells are specialized {{c1::dendritic}} cells predominantly found in skin

View on Ankihub is greyed out but they do have an AnkiHub ID. Is there a way to search for these?

You can try checking this tab

Likely a similar issue I had here: Optional Tags Suggestions Failing to Submit - #4 by CTE_BrainDamage

You can filter out any cards you’re selecting that also have a !DELETE(Duplicate) tag if you don’t have the AnkiHub_Deleted tag like me

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